Mark Tinley, Counsellor
Mark Tinley

Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology

+852 9315 2151


Marriage and Family Therapist
License # 52487
Board of Behavioral Sciences
California USA


Clinical Fellow
American Association for
Marriage and Family Therapy

AAMFT Fellow Member


Certificate in Dynamic Psychotherapy
Newport Psychoanalytic Institute

Family Therapy Training Program
Southern California Counseling Center

Gestalt Training Program
Gestalt Training Institute


Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology
Antioch University

Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology
California State Polytechnic University

Tau Alpha Pi National Honor Society

I’m a Counsellor, Husband, Parent

I have experienced frustrations in life, having unfulfilled hopes and dreams, wanting more out of life, not knowing how to get from where I was at to where I wanted to be.

I have become better at understanding who I am, what I want and how to pursue it. I am much better at expressing my thoughts, wants and needs, while hearing those of others. I am less reactive and more thoughtful in how I respond and what I choose to do.

A work in progress, that’s what I am… I believe we all are.

Counselling for Marriage, Individuals, and Kids / Family can and does help.

I believe that we don’t ever “arrive”. Even if we did get everything we want (it does happen sometimes), somehow, eventually, it is not enough and we want something else.

The journey is what I believe life is about. This helps to keep things in perspective and to understand that living in the present is preferable to focusing on what has been or what could be. I believe that actively pursuing what we want, facing fears and not always trying to avoid pain, is an important aspect of living a rich full life.

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